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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Spider Acetate Card

I have this white paint pen that I've been experimenting with.  I initially got it with the hope and intention that it would replace my old, dried up white gel pen, which I LOVED.  I was quite disappointed to find out the paper completely soaked up all the color.  Bummer.  However, in testing it on acetate, it left a bright, vivid white that dried completely and does not smear! All is not lost on that purchase!

This is a 5.25 inch square acetate card.  I used the paint pen to extend the web paper to the edges (don't look too closely - I didn't do a very good job!).  The spider is a rub-on.  I had to put him on white since I didn't think he'd show up on the web paper.  Super easy and quick card to put together!


  1. Veeeery cute, Amy....just been having a snoop around your are VERY talented, lady!!

  2. Cute, had a quick peek at your cards, Anne-Marie mentioned your blog on hers so came to have a look and have joined as a follower,

  3. What a fabulous card.And yes Anne-Marie sent me here too.So glad she did I too am now following